480 Acre Ranch For Sale in Wink TX

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Update 3/15/2019:
*The SWD Permits by themselves have an estimated value of $300,000 per permit and one permit is already approved and the other is in pending status.
Update 2/22/2019:
*PRICE REDUCTION* NOW $5,700,000 - Seller Financing Available
~SWD Permit Could be Included in the Sale~
Update 1/11/2019:
*4 Pipeline Easements generating $250,000+ just this year as a one time Royalty, will renew in 5 years and the others in 10 years for the new owner.  The current owner is negotiating 5 other pipeline easements as we speak.  If a new buyer comes in now and negotiates those easements, that Buyer will receive the payout.  Pipelines are constantly using this ranch for easements, so we predict more pipelines will cross over as time goes on.
*Solar Panel Company has offered the owner $1000 per acre upfront and 25% profit share of net revenue.  Seller is holding off signing a lease until a Buyer comes along and negotiates their own terms and payouts.
*SWD-Currently permitted for 30,000 barrels a day already approved by the county.  The well should be built in 6 months and in operation.  (As of 2/22/2019 this build out is on hold and the SWD Permit could be a part of this purchase). A second SWD well is currently being permitted and should go in afterwards. If the new buyer wants to let the current owner of the SWD install the well themselves, the potential for the new Buyer is approximately $75,000 per month at max capacity on both wells, at $0.55 a barrel, splitting 15% revenue share with the current owner.
*Water Lease-Multiple companies have wanted to lease out the property and pipeline the water to various places.  The latest lease proposal up front for the owner was an undisclosed amount and 25% of net sales per year.  Water in this area is highly needed and being leased or purchased all over this area.  Owner has not signed the lease and waiting on new owner to negotiate the lease.
*Owner would like to stay in the home for 4 more years and take the rental price off the top of the purchase price, however he can move asap if new owner needs the residence.
*The property is currently being used for cattle, as it has a barn and cattle pens.
*As you can see this location is highly desired as all types of revenue streams can work in this centralized location in the Permian Basin, in between Kermit Tx and Highway I-20.
Rare Acreage For Sale located in the Delaware / Permian Basin, now the largest producer of Oil & Gas, and now the largest Frac Sand Mining Basin, concentrated within Kermit and the Monahans, known as the Kermit Sand Hills.  Wink, Texas is only 9 miles away from Interstate Highway 1-20, 14.5 Miles to Kermit, and 19.5 Miles to the Monahans, making this a valuable land parcel for years to come.  Many projects to service O&G companies is heavily needed, including pipelining water to the surrounding Frac Sand Mines and O&G fields.  There are many News articles about the Kermit Sand Dunes and most recent was an interview Fox Business reported on in August of 2018, regarding the Frac Sand in Kermit and how it was once worthless and now its worth billions.  I recently sold 1000 acres of Frac Sand Land in Kermit, plus I have sold/contracted many other speciality type of commodity/energy land parcels, so I have witnesssed the boom in the area for quite some time.  With all the billions of dollars being spent just on the Frac Sand Mine facilities alone in Kermit, there are so many profitable projects one can do with this property for years to come.....
  • Rental Income on the Ranch House & Barn
  • Company Entertainment Center
  • Solar Panel Farm
  • Water Pipeline
  • Water Station
  • Caliche Mine
  • Cattle Ranch
  • Man Camps
  • SWD Wells
  • Wind Farm
  • RV Park










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